Tough Economy Stings Recent Law Grads

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Law School Grads Finding Work Tough to Come By
by John McDevitt

Just like many other fields of work, it’s tight out there for lawyers. A law school in New Jersey is helping graduates with placement in public interest and per diem opportunities.

Recently a mass e-mail was sent out to alumni of the Rutgers School of Law in Camden asking them to consider grads to fill part-time positions.

Angela Baker is associate dean for student affairs and career planning at the school:

“With the current market, a lot of law firms are very hesitant to hire someone on a permanent basis, but they do need help, so this helps both parties. It would help the law firms that need part-time help and would help the graduates who don’t have a full-time, permanent position to at least make some money and gain experience.”

Baker says there are some grads who had jobs lined up with large firms and were deferred because of the economy, many were deferred as long as a year.

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