The Unemployed Retreat To Legal Education

Another article about how the rough & tumble real world is prompting people to retreat behind Law School walls for a few years.  The Daily Iowan reports…

No job? More law school
by Michelle Boryca

Law-school admissions offices are facing a bittersweet paradox.

While the economy may be down, unemployed college graduates’ interest in postgraduate education is taking off.

“Generally, we do well when people are miserable,” said Collins Byrd, the assistant dean in charge of admissions at the UI College of Law.

When there is a decline in the economy, students tend to go to law school immediately after receiving their undergraduate degree, he said.

Furthermore, experts have noted financial rewards, such as lawyers’ salaries, are a key motivator to go back to school, trumping ideals such as helping people or delivering justice.

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