The Summer Law Associate Scene: Summer 2009

The Snark over at takes a look at the summer associate scene this summer. It’s an interesting article and worth a close look.

Law School Summer Camp Is Like One Big Shark Tank This Year
The Snark

This year’s summer class faces a steep, sweaty, painful and daunting challenge if its members hope to nab an offer of employment from Big Law.

One misstep and a hapless Summer Camper will be summarily jettisoned from the “Possible hire if the economy miraculously improves” pile and dumped in the “Ignore this luckless soul and focus on the few who might have a chance” pile.

I just want to state for the record that had I been a summer associate during an economic crisis such as the current one, I would not be a Big Law Cog today.

Our erstwhile booming economy was just one of the many dumb-luck, acts-of-fate events that got me and many other Cogs like me into the Big Law machine. For most Cogs working at Big Law today, our experience as summer associates was nothing like what this year’s Cog-wannabes are enduring.

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