The Mind of The Law School Admissions Director

Some interesting insights from a Law School admissions director, giving you some insight into how those folks evaluating law school applications may think.  Read more at The Auburn Plainsman

Law School Admissions Counselor Hosts Informational Seminar
by Jordan Dailey

Rachel Wishum, admissions director of Jones School of Law at Faulkner University in Montgomery, spoke to Auburn students interested in law school Thursday, Sept. 3.

She spoke about important areas for all potential law students– LSAT scores and GPA.

“The LSAT tells us how you think and process what you read,” Wishum said. “Your GPA tells us what your work ethic is like.”

Though the LSAT measures students’ performance at one point in time, GPA spans a longer period.

“We look at trends,” Wishum said. “If your GPA started out badly, but has increased over time, it tells us you got serious and decided to work hard.”

Sara Duffy, a second-year student, or 2L, at Jones School of Law, graduated from Auburn in May 2008 in public relations.

“Law school is different than undergrad in that you’re learning how to be a good lawyer, not just memorizing a bunch of stuff for a test,” Duffy said.

Potential law students may wonder when is the best time to take the LSAT.

Wishum and Duffy recommend the June before a student’s senior undergraduate year.

“It’s not like the ACT where you take it over and over,” Wishum said. “This test is extremely difficult. You don’t want to take it more than once if you don’t have to.”

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