The Law School Mastery Thinking Like A Lawyer Workshop

Law School Mastery Workshop

Since before you began your law school career, you were likely exposed to the idea that the purpose of the 3 years of law school was to shape your mind so that you would “think like a lawyer.” When pressed for a more meaningful description of this thought process, the oracles of legal study could never be specific, insisting that in time it would somehow come.

The truth is, ‘Thinking Like A Lawyer’ pretty much means ‘Thinking like your law school professors.’ That’s not a bad thing, since we can isolate, identify, and study the way of thinking they exhibit, and follow that methodology ourselves.

The ‘Thinking Like A Lawyer’ Workshop explores this thought process and its two major components.

First, we explore how the mind of the typical law professor works. The truth is, this is not as individual a process as the legal establishment would have you believe. The basic thought process will be reduced to its basic cognitive components. At the end of the first half of the workshop, we will have successfully profiled the thought process and learned how to best communicate with lawyers for optimal results.

The second part includes instruction in Legal Thinking Dynamics, a technique that helps you absorb, organize, and process a lot of information quickly, easily, and effectively.

Legal Thinking Dynamics consists of using a central word or concept and a network of related thoughts in a unique organization built around the central thought. In this way an exponential number of related ideas can quickly be produced with virtually no mental effort.

So instead of simply reading a legal case and highlighting haphazardly, or taking two pages of notes on it, try using Legal Thinking Dynamics while you work with the case. When you are finished, you will have one page which summarizes everything of interest and importance in that case, and how it all relates to each other.

Whenever information is being retrieved from memory, Legal Thinking Dynamics allow ideas to be quickly noted as they occur, in an organized manner. There’s no need to form sentences and write them out in full. They serve as quick and efficient means of review and so keep recall at a high level.

Legal Thinking Dynamics For Law School Study
Offers Amazing Advantages

Brief: Only a single page is needed and you just need to glance down at it to get your position and know what to discuss next.

Not Reading: As ideas are reduced to single words you will not be ‘reading’ your information, you will be dynamically recalling, applying, and integrating it.

Flexibility: If someone asks a question you can move instantly to the area on which relates to that question and then return to where you were without loosing yourself in a pile of cards or a linear paper.

Ease of Use: Whenever preparing a speech or presentation, Legal Thinking Dynamics helps organize the ideas coherently; the visual nature of the map means that you can read the whole thing in my head as you speak, without ever having to look at a sheet of paper.

Here are Some of the Incredible Skills
You Will Learn at The Workshop

  • Outlining Law Cases and Courses: Why traditional methods don’t help much, and go AGAINST the way your mind naturally works!
  • Magnify Your Brain’s Methods of Learning and Association!!
  • Study & Outlining: Increase Your Retention of What You Learn – Short Term & Long Term!
  • Organization: Quickly Master the Best Way to Take Notes, Organize a Presentation, Structure a Writing Assignment, a Report, or ANYTHING!
  • Place new ideas in the right logical place, regardless of the order of presentation.
  • Your Legal Thinking Dynamics Worksheet can be ‘seen’ by the eye and memorized by your visual memory which has been shown to be almost perfect.
  • Your Legal Thinking Dynamics Worksheet helps organize information into a form that is easily assimilated by the brain and easily remembered. They can be used for noting anything — books, lectures, meetings, interviews, phone conversations.
  • Legal Thinking Dynamics may be used in law school study, preparing for your moot court presentation, your mock trial preparation, job interview preparation, and of course in your eventual law practice!

…and much, much more!

The workshop students get an excellent course manual which covers all the concepts, and follow up email support in the months after the seminar.

Students get the course manual which covers all the concepts in the workshop, and follow up email support in the months after the seminar. The workshop is schedued for 9:00AM to 6:00PM each day, with a lunch break and rest breaks, and is valued at $ 497.


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