The Law School Mastery Method Weekend Seminar

Law School Study Skills Seminar

Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles

The Law School Mastery Method is a detailed strategy that explains the exact methods you can use to excel in law school. Learning the method at a live three day seminar, normally held several times a year during each semester, is an excellent interactive way to learn the skills in a short amount of time, and begin using them immediately. Also, at a weekend seminar you get special attention to your own personal questions and needs that will help you immensely.

The Three Parts of the Law School
Mastery Method Seminar

Part I. Law School Survival Tactics/NLP For The Law Student – Learn the ins and outs of the law school experience, exploring a ton of real life situations and insights on how law school will impact all areas of your life (for better or worse), and how to best meet those challenges. In addition, the seminar covers building a good self image, how to handle stress, master fear, develop good organizational skills, deal with scheduling problems and procrastination, and design states of mind conducive to productive study.

Part II. Memory, Outlining, and Legal Thinking Dynamics Skills – Teaches you the best methods for memorizing and absorbing all the information you will need, and organizing useful course outlines. The seminar covers the traditional outlining method, then expands and improves upon it, and also teaches an incredible method called Legal Thinking Dynamics, helping you quickly outline material for swift recall, assimilation, and association. This method is simply the best way to learn large amounts of information, recognize how it all fits together, AND apply it smartly– skills necessary to do well in law school and beyond.

Part III. Law School Exam Strategies – Covers the specifics on structuring a law school exam essay answer. The seminar goes into detail on what to include and what not to include, the 4 core elements that must be part of every ‘cause of action’ you explore in your exam, but also the related side-issues and concepts that separate your exam from the “average” pile to the “great” pile. The seminar also covers other methods that are commonly taught in the cognitive and mind sciences, and apply them to the law school exam!

Here are Some of the Incredible Skills
You Will Learn at The Live Seminar

  • The 2 Important Concepts to always include whenever answering a question, either in class or on an exam!
  • Building The Right Self Image – Here are the secrets to creating a clear minded, and relaxed presence! Take my word for it, the law school system works COUNTER to building a positive Self-Image!
  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Law Students Make – And How To Avoid Them!
  • The Five Master Keys to crafting the “A” Exam Answer: Include all the Keys and you are on your way to the top, leave some Keys out and you are stuck in the middle of the curve!
  • The Cult of Legal Study? What methods are passively used to change your opinions, thinking processes, and belief systems, and how you can inoculate yourself against these limiting beliefs.
  • One thing you should never write on your final exams!
  • One simple drill that will clear your stress in seconds: A relaxed mind works best, especially in the rugged world of law studies! Everyone tells you to “stay calm” but they never tell you exactly HOW to stay calm – UNTIL NOW!
  • The 15 Law School Survival Lessons – You won’t find these anywhere else and these are street-tough skills, not theory!
  • The Secret of “The Problem Solving Mind” – How to look at a fact pattern and immediately see the issues, while your classmates grasp at straws, pondering what to do next!
  • A good rule of thumb to evaluate if you are over-analyzing the class work as you develop your strategy for tackling the final exam.
  • A Little Mistake That Takes Points Off Your Final Exam – AND THE EASY WAY TO AVOID IT! A few points distinguish an “A-” from a “B+,” and making this mistake enough times may make you a “C” Student, Maybe for Life!
  • Your body’s normal reaction to stress & fear: how it makes you much less effective, and easy drills you can master in minutes to be at your best in any situation.
  • Conquering Classroom Fear/Exam Fear – How to avoid ‘Freezing Up’ when called on: This technique can be mastered in a few minutes and comes in handy in all areas of life: discussing a case in class, arguing your appellate brief for your legal writing, and even on your final exam!
  • The 7 items that must be in your ‘Final Exam’ Utility Belt – Batman would be proud!
  • The 5 Secret Things you should listen for in every class! Do you think the Prof doesn’t reveal important info in class? Think Again!
  • The different types of exams and strategies for preparation & excelling on the tests!
  • Issue Spotting: The 6 specific tailor-made strategies for your law school exams, and a methodology for creating tailor-made strategies for all of your classes!
  • How to best gauge what will be on the final exam!
  • The Secret Power Accelerators to supercharge your study habits so you can accomplish more in less time – Don’t be the rotten tomato that toils all night prepping for class, and still has no idea what he read!
  • The hidden benefits of maintaining your pace throughout the school year.
  • How to turn yourself into a “Legal Thinking Machine” so the Prof’s jabs can’t hurt you!
  • The three things you absolutely, positively must not do on the eve of exams!
  • How your belief system actually impacts your day-to-day and exam performance, and the easy way to address these limitations and turn weakness into strength.
  • The 10 most common Traps that Limit Your Thinking – fall into any of these traps and you can waste minutes on exams, hours or days in preparation, and even years of your life!
  • A Prepared Mind and a Good Attitude are two thirds of the formula for success – find out the missing ingredient that will make you greater than the sum of your parts and ready for law school success!!
  • Crack the Mystery into How Your Professor Thinks – If you know this simple psychology, you will know what he or she values the most in legal analysis!
  • A Prepared Mind and a Good Attitude are two thirds of the formula for
  • The most concise, direct, and practical approach to “Thinking Like A Lawyer” you will likely find!
  • The 6 Steps that form the core of the most advanced mind science ever developed – you could probably figure out 3 or 4 of these steps, but using all Six is the difference between being a top student and being an ‘also ran!’
  • Legal Thinking Dynamics: Magnify Your Brain’s Methods of Learning and Association!! Use your mind the way it should be used – a simple method saves you time and effort!
  • The smart way to brief cases for fast and easy recall in class – no other law school study resource teaches this, and it’s a skill you can become adept in quickly!
  • Study & Outlining: Increase Your Retention of What You Learn – Learning the subject right the first time helps you in class, on your final exam, and even when you go back to review for the Bar Exam!
  • Outlining: Why traditional methods don’t help you much in law school and go AGAINST the way your mind naturally works!
  • Quickly Master the Best Way to Take Notes, Organize a Presentation, Structure a Writing Assignment, a Report, or ANYTHING! This skill alone is worth the value of the course, and it’s only a part of the Law School Mastery Method!
  • 3 Fast & Easy methods to master a lot of information quickly!
  • The Qualities of a Top Law Student – How to develop them in yourself, and recognize the most common causes of poor performance.
  • 2 Great Skills to increase your comprehension and understanding of the cases and outlines you toil over.
  • The best commercial study aids and the wisest way to use them- don’t waste hundreds of dollars and hours of time on products that won’t serve you best.
  • A Thumbnail Personality Profile of the most common law professors you find roaming your school’s halls!
  • Street-smart methods for time management – there are only so many hours in the day to devote to study, class, and personal life: use your precious time wisely!
  • Study Groups and Studying Solo: Productively join with others to pool thinking, or use these skills to memorize an impossible amount of information quickly and free your mind so ideas grow constantly and expand in depth & dimension.
  • Insights into the Socratic Method – how to properly recognize what’s important and play this game.
  • Master The Flexibility Principle – Keep Your Sanity in Law School, during Exam Week, & even Bar Exam Study!

…and much, much more.

The seminar is two full days and is valued at $ 997, but there is a $ 100 discount for early registration if you register for the seminar over one month in advance,  making the price only $ 897!  Registrants also get continued support for three years, including Personal Email Support for questions related to the methods covered in the seminar.

The live seminar presents the Law School Mastery Method in a fun, challenging interactive environment, and offers continued one-on-one advice and support from the course designer, Vince Jericho and a 10% discount for all Law School Mastery products and weekend seminas.

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