The Law School Mastery Method Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the main purpose of your reseller program?

A: It’s a great way for law students, the people closest to the Law School Mastery Method’s client base, to earn extra income just by handing out short sales letters, flyers, posters, or even links on outgoing emails or on websites.  It’s the best sales force that Goldust Graphics can have – dedicated profit motivated affiliates in the field! You refer a customer, you get paid a commission. It is a win-win for everyone.

Q: What is the main benefit of your reseller program?

A: You can generate money for yourself to defray your educational expenses, living expenses, or even to make some extra cash for a luxury purchase you want.  Affiliates can market aggressively on their campus, or add their Affiliate weblink with a short endorsement to the signature portion of outgoing emails and let your friends or family know about the course.  Your level of commitment is up to you!

One thing we really discourage is spamming email lists – sending many unsolicited emails to people hawking the Law School Mastery Method. This is a no-no and we will terminate the Affiliate relationship with anyone who does this practice.

Q: What kind of sales do I get paid on?

Unlike many other programs that only pay if the customer buys on the first visit, we pay if he/she buys months later, up to three years later. Each new referral is tracked via the computer’s IP address and if that IP address ever becomes a customer within 3 years… you get paid your commission. Keep in mind, you get paid on sales, but if your customer returns the book for a refund, we deduct your commission from future commission checks.  Fair is fair!

Q: What separates your Affiliate Program from the other reseller programs selling books and similar products?

A: The main thing is that we pay out more money to our affiliates. pays about 5% for a referral on a sale of Emanuel or Gilberts outlines. And those items are only $ 20 to $ 30 sales, so you are looking at $ 1.00 to $ 1.50 per sale.  We pay 10% commissions of the selling price of our products!

The difference is you get bigger commissions and bigger checks, and also you get paid a commission on everything your customer buys for three years after their first visit to the site. Places like refuse to pay commission on the 2nd or later purchases from your customer. We realize the value of referrals and the lifetime value of a customer, and give that benefit to you.

Q: I noticed you say I can resell other products and get paid on them too. What else do you sell?

A:Our Affiliate Program pays you commissions on any item your leads purchase at the website. Currently, we are marketing the Deluxe Home Study Course, the Core Challenge Series, the Legal Foundation Series, the Law School Mastery Method 3 Day Seminars, The Legal Thinking 1-Day Workshop, and the Law School Mastery Method 7 Day Bootcamp.  Purchase of any of these items earns you a commission.  Also, we are adding numerous exciting new products in the future, so you will earn commissions on sales of those products – products that aren’t even available now!

Q: What is the fastest way to make sales?

A: Probably the fastest way is to print up the sales letter with your weblink and autoresponder information on it on your laser printer.  A ream of 500 pages costs only about $3.00 at Walmart, and the laser printer ink is a nominal cost.  You can print up copies for your whole school for under $5.  Alternately, you can take the sales letter down to a small neighborhood copier and have a few hundred copies made. You can often get a good price for simple copy jobs like this at smaller copiers, especially if you wait a couple of days for them to fill the order.  The copying isn’t a huge expense – the average law school has around 600 students enrolled, so if you wanted to place a sales letter in each student’s mailbox, your investment would be only around $ 18 or so.  If you sell only a couple of products you will more than cover your expense!

But there’s more – there is a whole product line of Law School Mastery products at different price points. Your sales leads may choose to buy other products in the line, or register for seminars, and each sale will earn you 10% commissions.  So if from a single sales letter distribution your sales leads ultimately purchase only one item from each product series (1 DHSC, 1 Core Course, 1 Foundation Course, 1 Seminar, 1 Workshop) you will have earned around $ 178.50 in commissions.

If you can do that every month, you can have a nice side income from your modest effort.

Also keep in mind that some of your classmates would have visited the website and elected not to purchase anything yet, but they will be recognized as your sales leads on all of their future visits to the site! So if they make a purchase 2 weeks later, a month later, or even sometime next semester (up to three years later), you will still earn the commission from those sales!

Because each sales letter is coded so we can track your sales and calculate your commissions, it is impractical for Goldust Graphics to print up your sales materials and send them to you. We customize them for you and email them via pdf format, That’s why we usually make the sales materials 1-sided black & white pages – the easiest and cheapest to copy or even print out on your printer.

It might be wise to follow one of the suggested marketing campaigns in the sales manual and distribute a different sales letter every month (all provided for you), and also post flyers or small posters (also provided) around bulletin boards, common areas, cafeterias, study rooms, etc. The investment is small (just copy or printing expenses, and a little time) but the return could be great!

Q: Where can I check my Sales Stats and find out how much money you are sending me?

A: Anytime, just log on at the automated system.

Q: Will this system work for me, guaranteed?

A: Nope, there are no guarantees in business. (Or life for that matter.) Your success depends on a complex set of abilities and many factors that create outstanding success or mediocrity. The more you study marketing, PR, and sales technique, the more skills you will have to increase your percentage of success.

However, we have invested a lot of time and money into providing great tools for you to succeed. The fundamentals are simple: Get lots of people to view our sales letter/web page. If you get LOTS of your classmates to see our website via your marketing and your autoresponder, you have greater chance of earning a commission.

Q: Do you provide free consulting if I resell your products?

We do provide support to resellers in terms of help in selling our products via the Internet. If we have not made the “answer” available somewhere online, we will find a way to support you in your affiliate efforts

Most of our support is via the automated systems on the Internet. If you want help with your business in general, personal consulting would fall under a completely different category outside of this affiliate program. However, if your e-mail question pertains to our affiliate software, affiliate codes, or banners… we will bend over backwards to get you profitable.

Q: Do I need existing customers or a web site to make money as a reseller?

A: No, but it could help.  Your job as an Affiliate is to send traffic to our site and find new customers. So, if you don’t market somehow to your classmates, you will have a difficult time finding customers to send to our site.

You can run small cheap ads in school newspapers or newsletters,  or you could go to online forums for law students and respond intelligently to people’s posts. If you do that, most forums allow you to publish your web site’s URL. You can just paste your reseller URL and a short blurb about the Law School Mastery Method. (We give some advice on how to do this in the sales manual)!

Q: How much do I make on the reseller program?

A: The cool thing about this affiliate program is you earn a big 10% profit on each sale. You can do that even if you don’t buy anything from our site. If you are already a customer, you start earning commissions beginning with the second sale.

No purchase is required. Anyone can sign up for free to sell our products.

Q: Where can I get any other affiliate questions answered?

A: Send us an e-mail. If our staff doesn’t have the technical expertise to answer your questions, we will find someone that does. Please don’t call our office. Most of our staff is familiar with the publishing business and won’t be able to answer technical questions. Please just e-mail us at:

Q: Do you offer telephone support.

A: Yes. We offer telephone support to affiliates who have already articulated their technical problem in an e-mail and our staff was unable to successfully resolve the issue by e-mail. Then, an appointment is scheduled with the affiliate and we’ll call you at that time, we do not offer inbound customer support without an appointment.

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