Public Law School Tuition Increases

So that means people will be paying a lot more for their legal educations. Do that cost-benefit analysis, folks, and be sure not to forget lost income!

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Sharp Jumps in Public Law School Tuition
by Zach Lowe

Karen Sloan’s story in the National Law Journal is chock full of good information on the increase in tuition rates for students at public university law schools, especially in-state students. Law schools at public universities across the U.S. are hiking tuition, often by more than 10 percent and even more than 20 percent in a few cases, according to the story.

Every law school in the system is increasing tuition by at least 10 percent, the NLJ says. (The schools point out that a portion of the increased tuition payments will go toward financial aid.)

The tuition increases often amount to $5,000 or so per year for many students. In-state students at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law–Bloomington will pay about $25,000 this year after paying a tad less than $20,000 last year, the NLJ reports.

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