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Earn 20% Cash Commissions on Every Sale You Refer!

  • Market The Law School Mastery Method at Your School and Earn 20% Commissions!
  • Earn $ 59.40 for every Deluxe Course sale you refer!
  • Earn $ 199.40 for every 3-Day Seminar registration you refer!
  • Earn $ 99.40 for every 1-Day Workshop registration you refer!
  • Earn $ 19.40 for every Core Challenge Series Course sale you refer!
  • Earn $ 5.99 for every Foundation Series Course sale you refer!

Join our affiliate program and let us mail you checks every month for referring customers to the Law School Mastery courses! When they buy, you get paid!

THE PROGRAM: First, you sign up by filling out the information on the affiliate sign-up webpage. We will process your information and in a day or two email you all the details you need about getting started on the affiliate program. We give you a marketing guide with easy to follow strategies to market The Law School Mastery Method at your school, including customized sales letters for you to print out, copy, and place in student mailboxes or in common areas at your campus, and also including customized flyers for you to post around your building or dorm, or around your associated undergraduate college.

10% COMMISSIONS – The Best in the Business: We pay an amazing 10% commission on all sales you refer! That’s $ 29.70 for Deluxe Course sales, $ 99.70 for Law School Mastery 3 Day Seminar signups, and $ 399.00 for Law School Mastery 7 Day Bootcamp signups!   Unlike other incentive based programs in our industry, we don’t reward you with free products, free seminars, or coupons only good at our site. No, we pay you in hard cash for your effort!

WEBMASTERS: If you have a website, you can place our special affiliate links and banners on your website that will take your visitors directly to the Law School Mastery Method website where they can read the sales materials and buy a product.

EARN COMMISSIONS FOR UP TO THREE YEARS: That’s because when your customers first visit the website, they are cookied for up to three full years. So, you will get paid a commission on their first, second, and even the 10th purchase. Also, even if your prospect doesn’t buy until six months after the first visit, you still get paid – our affiliate system recognizes them as your client in future visits to the website!

EARN $ ON ALL PRESENT & FUTURE PRODUCTS: Upon enrollment, you automatically qualify to earn commissions on all products sold though the Law School Mastery website, and you will earn 20% commissions from ANY purchase that your referred prospects make for up to three years! That means you will even earn commissions on products that won’t be introduced until next year, or the year after that! One Catch: Your commissions begin on your 2nd sale – sorry, but this prevents affiliates signing up to receive their own course for 20% off!

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR COMMISSIONS: Interested in seeing how much you have earned this month? Just log on and check out the real time statistics 24 hours a day via the web!

YOU GET PAID ELECTRONICALLY: Affiliates are paid via electronic funds transfer on the 10th of each month via Paypal. No worries, we tell you how to set your Paypal account if you don’t have one already – its easy and only takes a few minutes, and doesn’t cost you a dime! It’s completely safe and secure and over 230,000,000 people use Paypal worldwide.

HOW IT ALL WORKS: After you fill out your Affiliate Application, several things happen:

  • * First we see what school you will be marketing to, so we can see if there are other Affiliates there already set up. That’ s because we want all our Affiliates to succeed, and we have found that too many marketers at one school spoils it for everyone. So we try and have a limited number of Affiliates at any one school, so this way they do not cramp each other’s style!
  • Once you are past that hurdle, we assign you an Affiliate ID Number, your unique ID that will help track your prospects’ purchases.
  • We then set up an email autoresponder for you – it’s an automatic program that responds to people who send it emails with a sales letter. Think of it as your 24-hour sales assistant that will do the work for you! More on that in a minute!
  • We then set up a special weblink for you, that takes people directly to the Law School Mastery website, and simultaneously registers them as your sales lead.
  • Then we customize your sales materials (sales letters, flyers, handouts, etc.) with your own weblink and autoresponder’s email address. When you distribute your sales materials on your campus, those people that are interested will either visit your weblink or send an email to that autoresponder and within minutes, they will get an automated response that outlines the course and its many benefits.
  • At the end of that email, they are asked to click on a special weblink that takes them to the Law School Mastery website to get more information or to receive a free 7-day email course. When they click that special link (which includes a reference to your Affiliate ID Number) and visit the site, they will be registered as your client for up to three years – and you will earn commissions from any purchases they make in that time! It’s all handled electronically from there – it’s that easy!
  • Privacy is Paramount – No worries, your autoresponder address will not reveal your name or identify you in any way. It can be an address like,, or even a special name that you create! It’s totally up to you! This way, you can maintain your privacy if you choose and just market the materials via only sales letters, flyers, bulletin boards, etc, or you can choose to be more aggressive and do one-on-one marketing to your classmates. It’s entirely up to you.
  • On the 10th of every month, we will transfer your money directly into your bank account via Paypal. It usually takes two or three days for the funds to be available!

GOLDUST GRAPHICS: The Affiliate Program is owned and managed by Goldust Graphics, the company that publishes the Law School Mastery Home Study Courses, and promotes the Law School Mastery seminars.

SIGN UP NOW! Enroll for free in just minutes online! There is no commitment – if you decide to go out and be very aggressive and sell a bunch of courses, good luck! If you read the info and somehow decide to pass up on this excellent offer, no problem, either!

In a nutshell, you are our national sales team and I’ll do whatever it takes to make this program profitable for you! If you make money, we make money.

Start the process now by entering your name, email, and a brief note asking about the affiliate program, and we’ll set you up right away,

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