High Emotional Distress Among Law Students

We know that Law School is quite an endeavor, and unfortunately it leaves many law students the worse for wear.  Well, this scholarly study takes a closer look at the wages of a law school education.  The results aren’t encouraging.  Luckily, students of The Law School Mastery Method are prepared to meet the challenge.

Read the whole entry at The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog, and if you’re courageous enough, take a peek at the 16-page study, linked in the entry.

Are Law Students Emotional Wrecks?
by Peter Lattman

“The emotional distress of law students appears to significantly exceed that of medical students and at times approach that of psychiatric populations.” That’s the conclusion of a new study, suggesting that law school has a corrosive effect on the well-being, values and motivation of students.

Here’s the 16-page study “Understanding the Negative Effects of Legal Education on Law Students: A Longitudinal Test of Self-Determination Theory,” by Kennon Sheldon, psychology professor at the University of Missouri, and Lawrence Krieger, a law professor at Florida State.

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