Gray Davis counsels Law School grads

It’s true – the job market for recent law grads is terrible, probably the worst it has been in a couple of decades.

Law firms are even offering paid sabbaticals for mid-level associates so they can get lost for a year (I suspect the firms are gambling they never return) and help the firm’s bottom line. Even top graduates from excellent law schools are blowing their budget on resume paper and stamps, in the hopes that a blizzard of resumes sent across the fruited plain will land them a decent job. Those student loans will start coming due soon, after all.

Amidst all that desperation, some recent law school grads are evidently willing to take advice from Democrat Gray Davis, the only Governor to be successfully recalled in California state history. Getting run out of office in disgrace apparently isn’t enough for this guy. Proceed with caution, I suppose.

Read the whole article at The Sacramento Bee.

Gray Davis gives advice to law school graduates

Gray Davis…wants graduating law students to know that failure doesn’t mean the end.

Davis’ advice is contained in a commencement speech he delivered last month to the Columbia University Law School, his alma mater.

After recounting his personal and professional career – including a few pats on the back for himself for his gubernatorial accomplishments – Davis gave his account of being recalled in 2003 and replaced by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to wit:

“Ultimately, I lost the recall election. Let me say you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Arnold Schwarzenegger say, ‘Hasta La Vista, Baby.’

“That election brought a very abrupt end to my 31 years of public service. The next day I told my wife I was disappointed that we didn’t get to finish the work that we started, but we had accomplished much, and it was time for us to move on.

“Rest assured, all of you will experience failure at some point in your life, deserved or not. I believe I am uniquely qualified to convince you that there is no defeat, no matter how devastating, that you cannot overcome.

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