Goal Setting & Goal Getting In Law School

A new blogger is starting to chronicle her law school experience and I was very impressed with this post in her blog, where she sets some goals.  Part of The Law School Mastery Method is how to craft good, specific goals for yourself, as an essential step to peak performance in Law School.

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What are your goals for this year?

I think it’s a constructive thing to ask yourself every so often, especially at the start of something new. As a compulsive list maker, I have already written down my goals. They are:

  • To improve my public speaking, namely to become more eloquent. Getting over the nerves is no longer enough.
  • Enjoy law school. Stay positive. Appreciate the entire experience.
  • Mindful, careful eating (and cookin!) Also, getting to the market once a week to eat fresh, seasonal, and local.
  • Enjoy breaks. Find complete reprieve from work and stress.
  • Focus on becoming a good advocate for people.
  • Learn french!  Ok, this one’s auxiliary, but definitely in the next 2 years.. Perhaps I will study some in Pariiis.. One thing to work towards.

Enough about me. What are your goals? To become a better brother/sister/friend/lover/mother/spouse? To plant a garden? To, for once, not kill a houseplant? To learn to play the mandolin? I’m interested in others’ goals, and how they succeed in accomplishing them.

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