Another Top 10 Law School List

I always like how the names are the same, but there might be subtle differences in the actual rankings. How does a law school slip from #6 to #9? How exactly does a law school rise from a #10 ranking to a #7 ranking?

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Top 10 Law Schools

If you’re looking to get into the best law schools, you may want to consider one of these top 10 below!

Top 10 Law Schools:

  1. Yale – Yale is one of the hardest colleges to get into because of it’s classes sizes. Yale enrolls only about 200 students each year. This is known to be the number one law school in the nation.
  2. Harvard – We’ve all heard of Harvard Law School. Not only is this an Ivy League college, but it is the second best law school to get into.
  3. Standford – If you’re looking for smaller classes, and a lot of faculty, you may want to consider Standford. Although, the average GPA of a student attending this college is an amazing 3.9!
  4. Columbia – This college is located in New York City, and is known as the 4th best law school. Although, this is an Ivy League college which isn’t always easy to get into!
  5. New York University – This school was created in 1835, and is the oldest school in the state of New York.
  6. University of Chicago – Another great place to study law is at the University of Chicago! Students that get accepted here feel very honored!
  7. University of California (Berkeley) – If you have the dream of getting accepted into this school, you must have a great GPA. This is something that is important to them, and why their acceptance rate is so low.
  8. University of Pennsylvania – This school is so old that people knew of it since the 1700s! The University of Pennsylvania is definitely unique and is a huge accomplishment if you get accepted!
  9. University of Virginia – This college was founded by Thomas Jefferson, which makes it very unique. Getting accepted into this college is about 20%!
  10. University of Michigan – Some of the most successful law students attended U of M! This is a great school that can help you find an excellent job for the future!

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