The 2006 Law School Mastery Home Study Course on CD

Law School Exam success secrets that most students will never know will be yours…

The 2006 Law School Mastery
Home Study Course

Law School Exam Tips

Do you want to learn the Real Secrets of Law School Mastery?

Can you imagine quickly developing the skill set to effortlessly identify what is (and what isn’t) important in those huge casebooks, drastically cut down the nstress in your day-to-day life, & manage to ace your law school final exams?

Dear Law Student,

If you want to quickly develop the skills to excel in law school, ace your final exams, and eliminate the anxiety most law students experience, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

All the law study aids on the market – the outlines, hornbooks, and canned briefs – tend to simply restate class materials but don’t prepare you very much for what you encounter in your day-to-day classes and on your final law school exams.

But imagine yourself a year from now, sitting comfortably in your favorite chair, looking back at how your decision to invest in the Law School Mastery Method has brought you law school achievement, happiness, and fulfillment.

You’ll breeze through cases with a strong understanding of the material, its application, and how the law fits into the big picture. You articulate the legal points in classroom discussion with ease, and your classmates will be dying to know how you do it – impressed by your skill, poise, and confidence. You get top grades, get more out of life, and look towards a future of wide career opportunities with high earning potential.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me tell you some more…

Three Reasons The Law School Mastery Method
Is The Key To Success In Law School

Reason One: Advice From the Trenches!!!

I’m a law school veteran, and I know what it’s like being in the trenches: the pressure from the impossible workload, the confusion of the mysterious world of legal study, and the fire coming at you from all directions. You, like me, have had to deal with all the nonsense, dead ends, and frustration of law school life.

Sure, the summer before I started law school I read all the books I could about the 1L Experience – you know the ones, written by Ivy Leaguers who whine about ‘surviving’ 1L at a top 10 school, where class rank doesn’t even matter and top summer law firm positions are theirs for the picking. The average law student can’t really relate to that! Of course, I continued to struggle and soon looked to commercial outlines and canned briefs for guidance.

Let me tell you a little story….

I Fought the Law, And the Law Won……

One day early in the semester I was called on in class to brief one of the minor Con Law cases – something to do with railroads and interstate commerce. I had briefed the case and was prepared, or so I thought. Anyway, the professor was one of those jokers that had his students terrified of his pushy style and obnoxious demeanor. Needless to say, I was psyched out – I stammered and got confused easily, more aware of my stress and fear than I was with the facts and law.

My classmates snickered at my inept answers and lack of confidence. It didn’t matter that they, too, performed poorly when called on, the whole law school environment seemed to bring out the worst in everyone. So I took my lumps for 15 long minutes before he moved on to someone else.

I was very depressed after the incident. Thus far, I had usually managed to hold my own in class, but this knucklehead proved too much for me. The poor performance shook my confidence, and at that point I knew that I had to do something to keep this from happening again.

Figuring The Winning Strategy

So I began developing a strategy for success. Along with learning the law in my casebooks, I decided I would place a priority on learning the process of a legal education. That is, identifying the successful strategies and the unsuccessful strategies. I learned from what I was doing right and also from what I was wrong, and I also noted what worked and what didn’t work for others. I began paying attention at subtle, hidden interactions in class.

I spoke with everyone I could about the PROCESS of a law school education, be they professors, successful students, unsuccessful students, and even people who packed their bags and quit altogether – I knew I had something to learn from everyone.

I figured that while I didn’t know what I was doing yet, I DID know enough to learn what was working for others, identify the successful strategies, and duplicate the process for myself.

Reason Two: The Secret Skill That Taught Me To Beat the Professors At Their Own Game!!!

Unlike the Ivory Tower crowd that write most of the study aids on the market, my lifelong ambition wasn’t to work in the law – it was in the areas of self improvement and cognitive science.

One discipline I had been successful with for several years was NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, a proven methodology for modeling successful strategies, and a skill set for building winning qualities into yourself. Among other things, NLP is used by Fortune 500 companies, the US military, and even top professional sports teams to dramatically improve performance.

This background uniquely prepared me for identifying the strategies for law school success, and implementing them for myself.

NLP: The Strategy of Excellence

NLP was developed during the 1970′s from extensive research. NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience, identifying common patterns in the thinking mode of successful people and developing a means to “model” or “duplicate” that excellence.

When people discover what someone who excels does inside their head in order to perform a task exceptionally well, then they’ve discovered a new strategy. So I took the principles of NLP and other cognitive sciences, combined them with my law school experiences and the experiences of others, and crafted a strategy for succeeding at law school.

The result was astonishing.

I Fought the Law Again, and This Time I Won

Wouldn’t you know it, some time later, that same prickly professor called on me in Con Law again. This time, it was my turn to brief Roe vs. Wade. Oh boy!!!! This time, much to the surprise of my Prof, my classmates, and even myself, I was calm and relaxed. I had full command of the facts and of the Court’s reasoning. I saw the Prof’s traps coming a mile away and had the foresight to avoid them. I even cracked a joke or two: my fear was gone and my normal personality was shining through. I lasted an amazing 60 minutes tussling with the old clown, something no one had ever been able to do.

The class laughed again, but this time because it all seemed so effortless and because the Prof wasn’t scaring me anymore. Nope, he was just a pitiful old man with a bad haircut trying to get some kicks by abusing me.

And he failed. He never called on me again.

I had quickly conquered my fears, improved my confidence and poise, developed swift clarity of thought, and began approaching law school in the smartest way possible – increasing recall, improving my application of the law, and honing my analytical skills in no time.

Reason Three: What The Eggheads Don’t Want You To Know!!!

Let’s face it, no matter what the eggheads tell you about the hallowed tradition of legal education, Law School is mostly a ritualized 3-year hazing. The system of legal education deliberately places you in an artificial environment, gives you an impossible workload, and places heavy pressure on you to succeed.

If you want a romantic view of law school, just stop reading here. You won’t get it from me. I won’t tell you how much smarter and aware you will become by taking the abuse. I won’t tell you that because I don’t believe it is true. Some people come out of law school with a strong skill set for success. Others regress, believe it or not. Most don’t improve notably. They just get by and get absorbed by their surroundings (and by the way, these surroundings often undermine your chances for success – more on that later).

In law school you are forced to wade through countless pages of caselaw (which are not written for clarity, of course), followed by pages of “Emanuel” or “Gilberts” outlines to try and make some sense out of what you have just read. Those outlines just organize the cases and legal principles, but they don’t really prepare you for the grilling you will get in class, and they certainly don’t tell you how to apply the law effectively on your final exam.

So if you study for Law School and for your final exams the same way you studied at every other stage of your education (most recently undergrad college or university), you will likely perform poorly. The sad truth is, the methods you used to succeed up until now haven’t prepared you very much for excelling in Law School.

Law School study is a new and unfamiliar environment. It requires that you quickly develop a particular skill set suited for law school. If you follow the principles of the old paradigm, you will be at an enormous disadvantage. It is therefore essential that you quickly develop the strategies to master the new paradigm.

A Dangerous Voyage –
Get to your destination safely, or get lost along the way?

If you were to go on a costly, dangerous voyage with no map and compass, and if you were forbidden to ask for directions along the way (but hey, people could smugly ask YOU all the questions they wanted!), your chances of swiftly getting to your destination safe & sound would be very slim.

You would make numerous mistakes along the way, creating stress in several areas of your life. Some mistakes would cost you lots of money, some would bring out the worst in you and damage your relationships, and some mistakes would even damage your health.

The Law School Experience has done this to countless people over the years. And regardless of what you have been told, there is simply no need to pay such a high price for what is really just a professional certification.

The Law School Mastery Method provides you a detailed map explaining the exact methods you can use to excel in law school, to succeed by working less and working smarter, and to benefit in some amazing ways, like….

Cut Your Study Time By An Average of 25%,
Be Calm, Cool, and Collected In Stressful Situations Like Class and Final Exams, and
Study The Smart Way While Your Classmates Struggle All Night!

And there’s more, much more! You won’t find this information anywhere in your canned outlines, or in harrowing books like One L and Planet Law School.

Nope, The Law School Mastery Method gives you the map, teaches you the skills, helps you develop the right mindset to be in control of your law school surroundings (and not have it control you), and guides you to victory in the ultimate measure of your success: your final exams.

Here are some of the benefits you receive from learning the Law School Mastery Method


  • The 2 Important Concepts to always include whenever answering a question, either in class or on an exam!
  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Law Students Make – And How To Avoid Them!
  • The Five Master Keys to crafting the “A” Exam Answer: Include all the Keys and you are on your way to the top, leave some Keys out and you are stuck in the middle of the curve!
  • Building The Right Self Image – Here are the secrets to creating a clear minded, and relaxed presence! Take my word for it, the law school system works COUNTER to building a positive Self-Image!
  • The Cult of Legal Study? What methods are passively used to change your opinions, thinking processes, and belief systems, and how you can inoculate yourself against these limiting beliefs.
  • One simple drill that will clear your stress in seconds: A relaxed mind works best, especially in the rugged world of law studies! Everyone tells you to “stay calm” but they never tell you exactly HOW to stay calm – UNTIL NOW!
  • The 15 Law School Survival Lessons – You won’t find these anywhere else and these are street-tough skills, not theory!
  • The Secret of “The Problem Solving Mind” – How to look at a fact pattern and immediately see the issues, while your classmates grasp at straws, pondering what to do next!
  • A Little Mistake That Takes Points Off Your Final Exam – AND THE EASY WAY TO AVOID IT! A few points distinguish an “A-” from a “B+,” and making this mistake enough times may make you a “C” Student, Maybe for Life!
  • Your body’s normal reaction to stress & fear: how it makes you much less effective, and easy drills you can master in minutes to be at your best in any situation.
  • Conquering Classroom Fear/Exam Fear – How to avoid ‘Freezing Up’ when called on: This technique can be mastered in a few minutes and comes in handy in all areas of life: discussing a case in class, arguing your appellate brief for your legal writing, and even on your final exam!
  • The 5 Secret Things you should listen for in every class! Do you think the Prof doesn’t reveal important info in class? Think Again!
  • The different types of exams and strategies for preparation & excelling on the tests!
  • Issue Spotting: The 6 specific tailor-made strategies for your law school exams, and a methodology for creating tailor-made strategies for all of your classes!
  • The Secret Power Accelerators to supercharge your study habits so you can accomplish more in less time – Don’t be the rotten tomato that toils all night prepping for class, and still has no idea what he read!
  • How to turn yourself into a “Legal Thinking Machine” so the Prof’s jabs can’t hurt you!
  • How your belief system actually impacts your day-to-day and exam performance, and the easy way to address these limitations and turn weakness into strength.
  • The 10 most common Traps that Limit Your Thinking – fall into any of these traps and you can waste minutes on exams, hours or days in preparation, and even years of your life!
  • Crack the Mystery into How Your Professor Thinks – If you know this simple psychology, you will know what he or she values the most in legal analysis!
  • A Prepared Mind and a Good Attitude are two thirds of the formula for success – find out the missing ingredient that will make you greater than the sum of your parts and ready for law school success!!
  • The 6 Steps that form the core of the most advanced mind science ever developed – you could probably figure out 3 or 4 of these steps, but using all Six is the difference between being a top student and being an ‘also ran!’
  • The most concise, direct, and practical approach to “Thinking Like A Lawyer” you will likely find!
  • The smart way to brief cases for fast and easy recall in class – no other law school study resource teaches this, and it’s a skill you can become adept in quickly!
  • Outlining: Why traditional methods don’t help you much in law school and go AGAINST the way your mind naturally works!
  • Legal Thinking Dynamics: Magnify Your Brain’s Methods of Learning and Association!! Use your mind the way it should be used – a simple method saves you time and effort!
  • Study & Outlining: Increase Your Retention of What You Learn – Learning the subject right the first time helps you in class, on your final exam, and even when you go back to review for the Bar Exam!
  • 3 Fast & Easy methods to master a lot of information quickly!
  • 2 Great Skills to increase your comprehension and understanding of the cases and outlines you toil over.
  • A Thumbnail Personality Profile of the most common law professors you find roaming your school’s halls!
  • Quickly Master the Best Way to Take Notes, Organize a Presentation, Structure a Writing Assignment, a Report, or ANYTHING! This skill alone is worth the value of the course, and it’s only a part of the Law School Mastery Method!
  • The Qualities of a Top Law Student – How to develop them in yourself, and recognize the most common causes of poor performance.
  • Insights into the Socratic Method – how to properly recognize and play this game.
  • The best commercial study aids and the wisest way to use them- don’t waste hundreds of dollars and hours of time on products that won’t serve you best.
  • Study Groups and Studying Solo: Productively join with others to pool thinking, or use these skills to memorize an impossible amount of information quickly and free your mind so ideas grow constantly and expand in depth & dimension.
  • Street-smart methods for time management – there are only so many hours in the day to devote to study, class, and personal life: use your precious time wisely!
  • Master The Flexibility Principle – Keep Your Sanity in Law School, during Exam Week, & even Bar Exam Study!

..and much much more.

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all these things. Please let me explain.

The Law School Mastery Method
Building Excellence In Three Parts

Part I
Law School Survival Tactics/NLP For The Law Student

All the ins and outs of the game, distilled from the experiences of people I have interviewed, worked with, and studied. This section prepares you for a variety of real life situations and gives you warning on how law school will impact all areas of your life (for better or worse), and how to best meet these challenges.

In addition, this section covers building a good self image (essential when you consider that the surroundings of law school life actually undermine your confidence and self image), how to handle stress, master fear, eliminate anxiety, develop good organizational skills, deal with scheduling problems & procrastination, and design states of mind conducive to productive study.

In fact, with a little imagination a lot of what is covered here will help you in other areas of your life, business or pleasure – use these skills at a job interview, or in communicating better with the people in your life! Use these strategies to find out what makes anyone tick, and then figure out how to best get what you want from them!

You won’t find this stuff in ANY OTHER law school resource, and it is all essential!!!

Part 2
Case Briefing, Outlining, and Legal Thinking Dynamics Skills

Teaches you the best methods for learning and memorizing all that information you will encounter. We cover the traditional case briefing and note taking methods, as well as the classic course outlining methods. We then go beyond the traditional methods and improve upon them via advanced memory skills and Legal Thinking Dynamics, an incredible method that helps you quickly outline material for swift recall, assimilation, and association.

Even many 2Ls and 3Ls waste precious time taking useless notes and outlining courses poorly – this method is simply the best way to quickly learn large amounts of information, recognize how it all fits together, AND apply it smartly. These skills are necessary in law school and beyond, and just these skills are worth the value of the Law School Mastery Home Study Course.

Part 3
Law School Exam Strategies

This part covers the specifics on how to know what will be expected of you on your final exams, and how to best structure a law school exam essay answer. We go into detail on how to organize your answer, and what to include & what not to include. We go over the basics – the 4 core elements that must be part of every ‘cause of action’ you explore in your exam, but also the related side-issues and concepts that distinguish your exam from mountain of “average” exam answers.

We also include methods that are commonly taught in the cognitive and mind sciences, and apply them to the law school exam – we really stack the deck to give you as many tools as possible to show your Prof that you have truly mastered the subject!

Don’t take my word for it.
Listen to what some of the people I have helped say.

“…finished in the top 10% of my class”

“I read Turow’s book One-L and was immediately sucked in to the psychosis of first year of law school. Good fortune intervened and placed me in the same dorm with Vince. The Law School Mastery program is not just something he’s selling, it’s something he lived. I watched Vince putting his own advice to the test daily and overcoming the stereotypes, sadistic professors, and backstabbing law review editors. Moreover, the man never broke a sweat. I modeled my behavior and approach to his example, and finished in the top 10% of my class, without selling out and playing by the establishment’s rules. I am now the youngest person to ever have made partner in my firm, am one of only 44 board certified workers’ compensation specialists in the state of Connecticut, and have argued 4 cases before the Supreme Court. Do not miss
out on this opportunity to change the course of your legal education.”

- Joseph J. Passaretti, Jr.,
Southington, CT

“…hit the highlights to incorporate for success!”

“I really enjoyed your course! I just finished my first year of law school and was looking for that extra “edge.” I have two degrees in Psychology and 3 professional licenses. I provided therapy for ten years before I went to law school. Your course lays out the best parts of my “old field” to incorporate into the law school experience. You really hit the highlights to incorporate for success!”

- Bryan Rowland,
Tulsa, OK

“My performance improved a ton by listening to his advice”

“Vince taught me more about law school and law school exams than any other person I know. My performance improved a ton by listening to his advice, using his methods, and approaching my studies from the right frame of mind. Law school went from being a horror to a much more enjoyable experience.”

- Joe Cicala,
Bloomfield, NJ

“… opened my eyes to a lot of things I had been missing”

“Jericho doesn’t mince words, that’s for sure. Working with him was a pleasure – it opened my eyes to a lot of things I had been missing, making my experience in law a lot easier and more fulfilling.”

- Mike Edwards,
New York, NY

“My whole approach to school changed for the better!”

“Vince helped me conquer my greatest obstacle: my paralyzing fear. Whether it was getting called on in class or keeping my cool at test time, Vince’s methods and personal attention freed me from my limitations. My whole approach to school changed for the better! Problems that I once had don’t exist anymore!”

- Sahil Singh,
Houston, TX

“…taught me many skills that I needed to help myself”

“Jericho has incredible clarity of thought and is an excellent communicator. He taught me many skills that I needed to help myself, and those skills apply to a variety of situations. No matter what comes my way, I’m ready for it!”

- Charlotte Wright,
Gastonia, NC

“…made my law school experience much easier!”

“This is the guy you want in your corner, no question about it! He is a straight shooter who doesn’t pull any punches: be ready for the ride of your life, but when it’s over, you are better off for it. His advice made my law school experience much easier, and a lot better than the experiences of many of my classmates.”

- Mike Miller,
Boston, MA

“Work Smarter, Not Harder”

“Vince cuts to the chase with easy-to-master skills. It’s the difference between working late into the night and coming up empty, and approaching the work intelligently and having confidence that you are genuinely prepared. ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’ – follow Vince’s advice and you’ll work smarter. I know I am.”

- Chris Chan,
San Francisco, CA

“Is he anti-establishment? Hell yeah!”

“Much of the legal mystique masks the skills you need to really succeed behind useless and often misleading information. Vince pulls the mask off with passion and humor, exposing the mystique as the cheap trick that it is. Is he anti-establishment? Hell yeah, he won’t win any awards from the Legal Industry. Is he a winner? You bet, there’s no arguing with that.”

- James Tucker,
New York, NY

“…reduces important lessons down to their core, and presents them in a way that works wonders.”

“VJ has taught me so much about handling myself in the rough legal environment, I owe him forever!! He’s funny, irreverent, and astonishingly intelligent – that combo could have made him a stand-up comic, but instead made him a man who reduces important lessons down to their core, and presents them in a way that works wonders.”

- Peggy Martin,
Hollywood, CA

“…insights were a godsend!”

“Vince has helped me conquer some personal obstacles that held me back. He gave me great personal attention and his insights were a godsend. In the end, I knew it was up to me to deliver and use the techniques he shared with me. Thanks!”

- Jim Nowak,
Seattle, WA

Warning: Do NOT buy any Law School Supplements
unless they meet the following 7 criteria:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 7 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

One: The solution should give you exact methods to extract the relevant information from cases, learn the legal principles, and apply them to both classroom and exam situations. Many study aid resources leave out the application component, which is the most important of all!

Two: The solution should be quick to learn, simple to use, and easy to master. You don’t need more difficult work piled on over your already impossible workload! It should bring you the skills in a format that you can easily integrate into your schedule and learn during a short time. Anything more complicated and you would just be creating more work for yourself!

Three: The solution should offer proven skills that can be taken to class the next day. It should tell you which resources are most helpful and which are not, and it should tell you exactly HOW to use them intelligently. The solution MUST be practical, and not simply theoretical.

Four: The solution should give you the skills to quickly develop your own professor-specific course outlines. These outlines should include the relevant law to master and apply, but it MUST also include information that will resonate with your professor and help get you a top grade – a strategy most of your classmates don’t know enough to include, and an aspect that is simply NOT in any canned commercial resource!

Five: The solution should give you the tools to create a positive self image, the one essential component for excelling in any endeavor. If you leave your self image to be crafted by the Cult of Legal Education, you will be at an strong disadvantage. They will mold you in their image – how many well balanced, fulfilled lawyers do you know out there? Take a good look at some of your professors & classmates and ask yourself that question again!

Six: The solution should help you create a clear thinking, relaxed, analytical mind, ready for whatever your Prof throws at you in class or on the exam. Are you tired of some pundit telling you to “stay calm,” and that “fear is your enemy?” Your solution must give you specific methods on how to vanquish your fears and anxiety quickly so you can be at your best!

Seven: The solution should present the wisest approaches to conquering the impossible amount of material in your legal course of study, how to absorb it efficiently, & how to present it so that your Professors will recognize your mastery of the law and reward it with a top grade.

I worked hard to include all of these elements in The Law School Mastery Method, because I knew that no other single resource on the market includes all of these features that I knew were essential to developing a smart, winning strategy for Law School.

Are you:

  • New to Law School this semester?
  • Half-way through the year and unsatisfied with your grades so far?
  • A 2L or 3L looking for that ‘extra bit’ to boost your GPA and Class Rank?
  • A Borderline Student in serious danger of not meeting the minimum GPA to continue at school?
  • Already a top student and looking to crack the elite tier?

The Law School Mastery Method is for you!

The Law School Experience does its best to wear you out, break your spirit, and play unholy hell on your personal life. It’s been designed that way by people who have placed a high value on that process. Maybe the value is completely altruistic. Maybe it’s completely sadistic. Maybe it’s a combination of those two things, and more.

But frankly, it doesn’t really matter. Most likely they are just repeating the same process that they experienced, and carrying it forward to the next generation of law students without thinking about it very much.

Over the course of your long three year voyage, there will be peaks and valleys. There will be times when you have momentum and times when you don’t. The skills you learn in the Law School Mastery Method will help you at any stage of your law school career, whether you are new to the environment or just starting you last semester. Whether you are happy with your grades but want more, or whether you are disappointed with your performance so far and know you are capable of doing better – much better.

The Law School Mastery Home Study Course will help you get past your limitations. If you have been confused and frustrated so far, you simply have to do something about it. If you do nothing, all you will only guarantee is more of the same, and you run the risk of falling into a cycle of negativity and defeatism.

Some way to begin your legal career, huh?

Or you can invest in the Law School Mastery Method and begin approaching your studies in a more productive, balanced, and successful way.

Invest in the Law School Mastery Home Study Course and
You get at least 10 times your money’s worth!

Placing a value on a unique resource like this isn’t easy. The Law School Mastery Home Study Course will not only improve your grades, raise your class rank, and bring you better career options, but it will also improve your quality of life during law school and beyond.

The Law School Mastery Home Study Course is truly a one-of-a-kind resource.

Is there a price you can place on your emotional well being? How about a price on your physical health? Just how much do you value your relationship with your spouse or lover? How about longstanding friendships with those near and dear to you?

Consider that your cost for law school will probably be over $150,000 – tuition, loans, living expenses, etc. That doesn’t even factor in your lost income (the money you would have been making if you didn’t decide to go to law school). Add incidental expenses and Law School is one expensive proposition, an investment easily over $200,000!

Bad News and Worse News: The average Law School student debt at graduation is over $90,000 – at current interest rates that’s a payment of about $1,200 a month for the next 10 years. That doesn’t even count loans from undergrad. It’s not uncommon for some law school graduates to have borrowed even more and have a monthly loan payment of $1,500, $1600 or more.

Now the worse news: A recent analysis showed that only about 11% of law school graduates make $90,000 or more after graduation, with most jobs paying around $45,000 a year. That’s simply not enough to cover your living expenses, credit card payments, car payments, insurance, AND a law school loan payment.

That’s why it’s so important for you to excel in law school – your grades determine your class rank, and a high class rank will open doors to a high paying career. If you perform averagely, you will likely land an average paying job – the difference between a good starting job and an average starting job is tens of thousands of dollars a year!

If you carve a cozy spot in the cellar of your class rankings, the truth is you will have very limited job prospects in the modern economy and an oppressive mountain of debt – and remember, Legal Eagles, bankruptcy won’t get rid of your educational debt!

So what is the value of learning the Law School Mastery Method? Maybe a better question than “Can I afford to invest in the Law School Mastery Home Study Course?” is “Can I afford NOT to invest in the Law School Mastery Home Study Course?”

The Law School Mastery Deluxe Home Study Course

This includes:

  • The entire seminar on 10 CDs, with all the information described in this letter and more;
  • The Law School Mastery Course manual – with information, exercises, drills, examples, and related concepts to help you fully understand the materials;
  • A detailed ‘Plan of Action’ offering you the best ways to study the course. Is it the beginning of the semester, do you only have two weeks before the big exam, or are you somewhere in between? Whatever your situation, there will be a recommended schedule so you can get the most out of the materials;
  • A complete outline of the audio course, cross referencing the audio lessons with the course manual pages for ease in following along; and
  • A detailed list of each bullet point on the Law School Mastery website, with references to the skills and tactics that address those specific challenges, with cites to the course manual and course audios.

The price of the Law School Mastery Basic Deluxe Study Course is only $ 297.00, plus $ 14.99 for Standard Shipping & Handling.

You can’t lose with our 100%,
ironclad, moneyback guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, iron-clad moneyback guarantee. If you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with our product, and if you sincerely listened to the course, did the exercises, developed the skills, and still managed to perform poorly on your exams, just contact us, follow the refund procedure, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. That’s how confident we are that you can’t fail when you use the ‘Law School Mastery Method.’

What I’m saying is, don’t decide now if this product is for you. Just think about all the practical skills you will learn by taking the course. Think about all the applications both in and out of law school that these skills will get you. Just order the course and try it out. I can’t do the drills for you, so you have to do your part. But if The Law School Mastery Method doesn’t do everything I say and more, if it doesn’t save you money, time, and frustration, if it isn’t life-changing, and if it doesn’t work for you, then you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under our guarantee.

Law School Exam Success Will Be Yours
The Law School Mastery Home Study Course
Here’s how to order right now!

Ace Law School Exam
Order Now!
10 Audio CDs, Course Manual
Retail Price: $ 347.00
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To your success,

Vince Jericho, Esq.,

Developer of The Law School Mastery Method

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